New Busted Tees Shirts from 7/18

I’m a little late in posting this, but I wanted to dig into Busted Tees batch of t-shirt releases from Monday, 7/18. There are some solid tees in this release, one of which I really, really like. It’s definitely a good week for Busted Tees fans. Also, before I dig into these new shirts, I want to tell you that I hope you got a chance to take advantage of Busted Tees hoodie sale. $12 hoodies is hard to beat. Unfortunately that sale is over now, but hopefully you managed to check it out! Anyway, let’s get back to Busted Tees’ new shirts. I’ll start with my favorite and then post up the rest as well.

If You Can Read This I’m Not Planking from Busted Tees. This is definitely my favorite new release. It’s a funny slogan by itself, and it also manages to incorporate the awesome new fad of planking. When you plank, you lay flat-out on your stomach. Hence, you would not be able to read the shirt. If you can read the shirt, it means the person isn’t planking…hence why the design is funny. Busted Tees got pretty witty in this release, and I love it! This design is currently on sale, and you can use a coupon to make things even cheaper.

Haters Gonna Hate from Busted Tees. The old dudes on this Busted Tees shirt make me chuckle, and the slogan Haters Gonna Hate is always a good one to wear around. Another solid release from Busted Tees in this batch. I don’t like it as much as the shirt above though.

Snozzberry from Busted Tees. Busted Tees is bringing in a little reference to Willy Wonka with this t-shirt, and I like it. This is just a solid design, especially for Wonka fans.

Cobblepot for Mayor from Busted Tees. I don’t get the reference behind this shirt, but maybe you do and it’s actually really funny! Anyway, I’m basically ambivalent to this design as I don’t know what the heck it’s referencing.

So there you have it: Busted Tees releases from 7/18. The I’m Not Planking t-shirt is definitely my favorite, but there are some other goodies as well. There are also active coupons on our list so be sure to use them.

Busted Tees Meme-Orial Day Sale

Hey everyone–good news! Busted Tees has just launched an awesome new sale. The sale is wittily titled the MEME-Orial Day Weekend Sale. As you might have guessed from the title (or the massive infographic above), this sale is for Busted Tees numerous meme based t-shirts. All of these t-shirts are on sale for 40% off until Monday May 30th at midnight. That’s a great deal, and you can even stack a coupon on top to make those great meme t-shirts even cheaper.

Now, before you go thinking Busted Tees is just trying to clean out some crappy shirts, think about what’s on sale. You’ve got awesome designs based on memes like Dick in the Box and Double Rainbow–there really are some quality t-shirts in the sale. You can definitely find a cool t-shirt to get super cheap.

So, to sum it up real nice for y’all…until Monday at midnight all meme-based shirts are 40% off. You can stack a coupon on top of this sale to get an additional 10% off. It’s a very hot deal if you’ve had your eye on one of those meme shirts. Have fun shopping!

Busted Tees New Shirt Releases May 12

It’s Thursday, and once again, that means new Busted Tees shirts. Last week wasn’t that great in my opinion, but this week has made a huge improvement. There are two designs I really like from this week (one I really like), and the other two are still alright. So yeah, I’ll show you this weeks new designs now. I’ve put them in order of how much I like them, with the first shirt being my favorite.

The Floor is Lava from Busted Tees. I really, really like this shirt. It is, of course, a play on the awesome childhood game of “Lava.” Great idea! If you ever see a sign like this, be sure to jump on the nearest raised object or you’ll be out! If you never played Lava in your childhood, I feel sorry for you.

Nerd Ears from Busted Tees. This is definitely my second favorite release from this week. It’s pretty goofy, but I think all those nerds with their fake pointy ears will definitely appreciate this tee.

Cyclops from Busted Tees. This shirt is also pretty dang funny, and is another solid release in my opinion. Cyclops, with one eye, cannot experience all the glory of 3-D, hence the funny :) .

Free Hugs from Busted Tees. This release isn’t bad, but I definitely don’t think it is as good as the other three. It’s mildly funny, but that’s it. It doesn’t wow me or anything. Still, the first three designs make this a very successful and funny week of new Busted Tees.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the most recent releases. Also, Busted Tees still have working coupons. The best current code is good for 10% off your entire Busted Tees order. Do yourself a favor and save some money on your order by using a code. Of course, all these shirts are also on sale for 15% off during the first week of their existence (until May 19th).

Busted Tees Best of April 2011

Busted Tees just sent out an email with a cool graphic of their favorite Busted Tees shirts from April. This isn’t my exact list, and I disagree with a few of the ones on there, but I think it’s over all a cool image. You can check it out below:

What do you guys think? Does this mirror your list? Do you like all the shirts on this list, or would you add some other ones? Definitely some cool shirts on there, but some stinkers too. That’s just the humble opinion of this Busted Tees connoisseur, though. Hope you enjoyed!

Busted Tees New Shirt Releases April 27

Hey all,

Here’s my weekly roundup of Busted Tees new releases. I don’t think this week is particularly strong, to be honest, but maybe you have different taste than me. The designs aren’t horrible, they’re just kind of “bleh”. Anyway, I’m probably not going to go into too much detail on the shirts because I’m not a huge fan, but I will post all four of them with links so you can check them out. We’ve also still got working coupons, so be sure to take advantage of one of those if you’re gonna be buying a shirt. Let’s check out the new designs now!

Pocket Protector from Busted Tees: If I had to pick a favorite from this batch of tees, this would probably be it (although I wouldn’t pick it if I weren’t forced to choose in this hypothetical).

Strangers are Awesome from Busted Tees: Again, not a horrible design, but nothing I love.

Pit Pat from Busted Tees: I like that they mention gender ambiguous Pat from SNL in the product description, but that’s about it.

Business in the Front from Busted Tees: A much more conservative take on the mullet–it’s business in both the front and back for this one, no party.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on this weeks Busted Tees’ releases!

Four Great New Shirts Released April 12

It’s Tuesday, which means a new batch of designs. Last week was alright, this week is better. Busted Tees have come up with some good ones for you. Check ‘em out!

Who hasn’t filled a water bottle with beer (or some other alcohol) at some point in their life? Maybe you’r going to a concert, byob party, or family reunion, sometimes it’s necessary. I like this shirt because it captures an essential truth about life (teehee), while still being funny. Check it: Party to Go.

A rare serious shirt from Busted Tees, depicting the incredibly brave man who stood before tanks at Tienanmen Square. It’s a profound moment to immortalize on a t-shirt.

This one is pretty goofy. Rock and Roll doesn’t get to hog all the sex and drugs anymore–smooth jazz wants its fair share.

Star Trek seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis in this design. That’s ok though, because we all know Star Wars was better anyway.

As usual, all these shirts are 15% off until next Tuesday (without applying a coupon). That means you can stack our awesome Busted Tees discount on top of that, to get a pretty sweet deal.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s releases (and my thoughts on said releases).

Three New Shirts and a Hoodie from April 5th

Here’s the first roundup of new Busted Tees’ releases! Enjoy:

This Banksy hoodie is definitely my favorite release from this bunch. I love how Banksy developed the mystique around himself–crazy stuff. Plus, his art is just awesome, so he gets major points there. I like the simple, mysterious text they decided to use with the hoodie. It fits the subject matter.

There are three other t-shirts that come along with this release–I don’t think any of them are particularly special though. Check ‘em all out below:

Mars Investigations


Now We’re Cooking

What do you guys think of the new releases? Let me know. I’ll tell you one thing–that model is a cutie. That might be unrelated to the shirts though…

Welcome to the Busted Tees Coupon Blog

Hi folks, we’ve been saving you money at Busted Tees for awhile, but this is a brand new feature we’ve got here. I’ve created this blog to first and foremost keep you up-to-date with sales, discounts, and coupon codes. The subject matter will be broader than that though–I’ll also post about new shirt releases, company news, and anything else even remotely relevant to Busted Tees. If you like their shirts (and you should, cause they rock), you’ll definitely enjoy this blog.

That’s enough of an introduction–now just sit back and enjoy the ride.