Busted Tees Collaborations

Along with their original line of shirts, Busted Tees has also collaborated with a lot of companies and people to create an even broader range and selection of funny t-shirts. These aren’t random brands either–they’ve collaborated with some pretty big names. These collaborations have resulted in some pretty funny t-shirts. I’ll pick some of my favorites and post them below, but before I do that, here’s a list of all the companies Busted Tees has partnered with:

  • Team Coco
  • Someecards
  • Tumblr
  • The Onion
  • Vimeo
  • MonsterHoodies
  • Anti-Clothes
  • Vintage Vantage
  • Go Ape Shirts
  • Gizmodo
  • NoStar
  • Care for Kenya
  • Sanchez and Friends
  • Derrick

As you can see, there are some big names. Some of my favorite shirts come from the Someecards collaboration, and I love the Team Coco shirts, as well as some from all of the brands really. Here’s a more detailed list of some of my favorite partnership shirts!

The classic Conan logo. You’ve probably seen this on TV, but it looks great on a t-shirt. Thanks to their partnership you can pick this up directly from Busted Tees!

This kind of funny, “vintagey” text shirt is something you can expect from the whole someecards collaboration. Seriously, some of my favorite shirts come from this line–you need to check it out.

You’ve heard of The Onion, right? Well Busted Tees works with them too. You can pick up this Get Il shirt, as well as other goofy stuff from their work together.

So yeah, Busted Tees works with a lot of different companies and some great shirts have stemmed from that. Hopefully this page gives you some insight into that.

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