Busted Tees Sales

Busted Tees has a few different versions of their sales. The first, and most obvious, is their somewhat regular store-wide sales. About five or six times a year they hold very good sales. During these sales, all their shirts are usually available for around $10-$12. As you can see, that’s a pretty hefty discount–about 50% to be exact. Additionally, they also let you stack coupons onto their sales. Not only do you get 50% off for the sale, but you can then add another 10% or $5 off to make the deal even sweeter.  As I said, these sales usually happen about five or six times a year. Often they will hold Midnight Madness sales, where the sale starts at midnight and runs for about 24 hours. It’s definitely worth it to keep up-to-date with the sales because they won’t last long. If you subscribe to our blog, we’ll make sure you know about the sales as soon as they happen so you have a chance to save maximum money.

The Weekly Sale Page at Busted Tees

The other type of sale Busted Tees runs is their weekly sales page. Every week, they put 12 new shirts on sale for only $14.00. Unlike the other sales, these are nowhere near site-wide. The sale consists of solely 12 shirts picked by Busted Tees. That being said, if you manage to find a shirt you like on the sales page, it is a pretty good way to save money. They usually update these sales in the middle of the week, so it’s worth stopping in once a week just to check out what’s cheap. We’ll also keep you updated to the weekly sales page on our blog.

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