Busted Tees Shirt of the Month Club

In addition to their regular shirts, Busted Tees also offers a Shirt of the Month Club. This club is a little different than you’d expect, and presents another great way to save money. In the club, you receive one Busted Tees shirt a month. It’s not a fixed shirt though—you can pick any of Busted Tees stock. There are no restrictions on the shirt you pick. You can sign up to the club in 3, 6 or 12 month durations. Here are the costs:

  • 3 Months–$50
  • 6 Months–$90
  • 12 Months–$165

As you can see, if you average the price of the club out over the number of shirts you get, it’s a great deal. If you sign up for the 12 month club, you can get 12 shirts for only $13.75. The only negative is that you only get 1 shirt a month, and you have to pay the entire price up-front. That being said, if you have the up-front money and don’t mind waiting, it’s a perfect way to save money. You’re basically getting sale-like prices without having to wait for a sale.

The Shirt of the Month Club is a great way to save money, and is another tool in the money-saving arsenal with coupons and sales.

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