Busted Tees Shirt and Shipping Prices

Busted Tees has pretty competitive prices on their t-shirts. The standard price is $20.00 each, which is pretty much the industry average for shirts of this quality. They also offer numerous ways to lower this price, whether it be through coupon codes, sales, or new release sales. You can click the link for more information on the first two. As for the new release sales–every new t-shirt Busted Tees release (usually four per week) is on sale for 15% off for its first week. This 15% off can be stacked with coupons, which is pretty cool. Overall, Busted Tees’ prices for t-shirts are pretty fair and give you plenty of opportunities to save money.

A Chart of Busted Tees Shipping Prices

Up until recently, Busted Tees also had pretty cheap shipping costs. Unfortunately, they’ve just raised the shipping price to a minimum of $7.99 f0r the first shirt (for the cheapest method). For every additional shirt you add $1.00. However, the cool thing is that if you buy four or more shirts you get free shipping. I guess Busted Tees are just trying to encourage people to buy lots of shirts, because the shipping price for one shirt alone is pretty prohibitive. Most of their shipping options are through UPS, and they offer standard, 2-day, and 1-day shipping options.

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