Busted Tees Videos

Given that they are one of the bigger online t-shirt stores, Busted Tees has a fairly big presence in online video like YouTube, Vimeo and others. Since there are readily available Busted Tees videos on YouTube, I thought it would be cool to pick some of my favorites and post them here so that you guys get to enjoy them. So without any further unnecessary introduction, here are my favorite Busted Tees videos!

This one is just a tour of Busted Tees. It’s well done though, so definitely worth a quick watch.

U.S. Record Breaker – Nick Umbs – in 183 BustedTees from Josh Mohrer on Vimeo.

Someone broke the record for most t-shirts worn at a time by wearing 183 Busted Tees shirts. That’s crazy stuff.

What’s BustedTees? from Vimeo Street Team on Vimeo.

A humorous discussion of what Busted Tees is.

BustedTees Goes To Las Vegas from Josh Mohrer on Vimeo.

Check out Busted Tees trip to Las Vegas.

Here are the failed ads of a Busted Tees fans. They’re pretty funny. Sometimes it’s a bit like a train wreck though.

Here’s a Busted Tees ad which presumably didn’t fail.

Here’s a video of Busted Tees ComicCon model, who drew quite a bit of attention. Maybe you’ll see why after watching the video.

So these are all the cool videos I could find (relating to Busted Tees). I hope you enjoyed! Please let me know if you find any good videos that aren’t on the list.

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